PhageFire project, GA:958645, is one year old already!

Thank you to the European Commission for funding.


It has been a year of hard work and moreover we have had to deal with the Covid-19 situation. However the conclusion is that it has been a productive year.


PhageFire solution has already some phage candidates to be included in our cocktail to combat Fire Blight in pome fruit crops thanks to the research work of ZHAW and Enviroinvest. The response of the selected phages against Erwinia amylovora is very promising nevertheless the work has not finished yet. PhageFire consortium will continue studying these and more other phages in addition of formula components so the cocktail can get even more effective.


In the meanwhile, Kimitec has started to develop the industrial producing process of this first cocktail so it can be tested in the field next season. It is a complicated task due to high number of variables that affect the process. Peras de Rincón de Soto has taken care of bureaucracy work having everything ready to start field trials and they have started to contact authorities from different countries to get the product authorized.


This is a short summary of the most important tasks carried out by PhageFire consortium. We will continue telling about our progress.