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PhageFire project, GA:958645, is one year old already!

Thank you to the European Commission for funding.   It has been a year of hard work and moreover we have had to deal with the Covid-19 situation. However the conclusion is that it has been a productive year.   PhageFire solution has already some phage candidates to be included in our cocktail to combat […]

Interesting facts on social media

In the end of every month you can find interesting “Did you know?” posts on our social media sites. Make sure to follow PhageFire on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so you won’t miss any.

Fire Blight

Fire Blight, disease provoked by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora, affects the Rosaceae family causing big economic losses on pome fruit farms (pear, quince, medlar and apple) as it happens in the Denominación de Origen Protegida Peras de Rincón de Soto (DOP PRS). This bacterium comes from the USA and it has been documented in North […]